V-Series Exterior Thermal Camera
VERA Thermal Camera Screenshot
VERA Thermal Camera Screenshot
VERA Cost Benefit Analysis

Outdoor Thermal Imager


The VERA thermal imager allows you to see where you never could before. When using high-contrast thermal imaging the results are a dramatic reduction in false alarms. Unlike standard thermal imagers VERA provides the advantage of verification and detection in an all-in-one device. 

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This tiny but powerful thermal imager is not affected by changes in lighting, lowcontrast scenes or inclement weather, and no illumination is required. Easy setup and integration using our QR code makes this a perfect imager for any application. The embedded analytics use algorithms that automatically self-adjust, allowing the user to concentrate on the detection rules. This greatly simplifies the analytic setup process, requiring only a few mouse clicks to configure a detection rule. These advanced analytics, coupled with thermal technology allow for object classification, direction, people counting, dwell times, video alarm verification, retail traffic flow, queue management and occupancy counts. When enabled, the embedded VIGIL Server software allows the camera to be run as a stand-alone device recording video to the on-board memory card. This makes the camera compatible with the VIGIL software suite including VIGIL Client, VIGIL VCM, View Lite II and VIGIL Cloud applications. Simple plug-and-play installation allows for access using a standard web browser, VIGIL Client, or your mobile device or tablet using our easy to use QR code quick setup.

Image Sensor
12 um Uncooled Sun-Safe Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
Detection: 250 Ft
Recognition: 150 Ft
Identification 50 Ft
4mm Fixed
Detection Temperature Range
-40°C ~ 330°C (~40°F ~ 626°F)
Working Temperature
-40°C ~ 59°C (~40°F ~ 138°F) Humidity 85% max - non condensing
1 RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet port
Audio Input
1-channel microphone input, cable (mic-in/line-in)
Audio Output
1-channel audio interface
Alarm Input
Alarm Output
Standard Analytics
Detection Zones: Multi-segment Polygons and Lines
On-screen Display: Real-time Display of Tracking
Image stabilization
Change of Scene Detection
Sub Category
Advanced Imaging
36 Degree Exterior Thermal Bullet with Standard Analytics
20 Degree Exterior Thermal Bullet with Standard Analytics