3xLOGIC Offers Video and Access Control Certification classroom training.

Video Product Training Course

Day 1: VIGIL Software and VISIX Cameras

  • In-Depth Client Demo and Lab
  • Navigating the VIGIL Server Software
  • VIGIL Server Configuration Lab
  • Camera Configuration
  • Server Setup Using Installation Wizard
  • VIGIL Client Settings
  • VCM
  • DV Helper
  • Tech Support Environment
  • License Registration Tool

Day 2: POS, EAC and Video Analytics

  • VIGIL Data Integration
  • POS Lab
  • Video Analytics Lab
  • EAC Lab
  • Introduction to VIGIL Trends

$450 for 2-Day course (13 BICSI CEC's)

Access Control Product Training Course

Day 1: infinias ESSENTIALS Training

  • Hardware Training (eIDC32)
  • infinias ESSENTIALS
  • Custom Reporting

Day 2: infinias PROFESSIONAL Training

  • Rules Engine Overview
  • LDAP Integration
  • Calendar Integration

Day 3: infinias CORPORATE Training

  • Variations Peripherals
  • Video Integration Lab
  • Troubleshooting

$650 for 3-Day course (13 BICSI CEC's)




Our growing library of 3xLOGIC Video Tutorials are a great way of introducing yourself to, or refresh your understanding of, the basic functions and features of our solutions. Click here to go to the 3xLOGIC Video Library now.


We offer field training on a case-by-case basis for our Authorized Partners and their clients. Please let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to deliver the quality training you desire.