Q. When will the first tariff go into effect?
A. The first tariff of 10% goes into effect on September 18th, 2018.

Q. Will the tariff increase?
A. Yes, the tariff will increase to 25% in December.

Q. Can I continue to deploy these products today?
A. Yes, until August 2019 when these products will be banned from federal infrastructure projects. In August of 2020, this ban will include federally funded projects.

Q. Will alternative product options be available before the ban goes into effect?
A. Yes, we are currently working on additional product offerings for the affected situations.

Q. Will product installed before the effective date have to be removed from a facility.
A. No.

Q. Will a penalty be assessed for installations prior to the effective date?
A. No penalties will be assessed as interpreted in the NDAA.