2MP IP PTZ Camera – 30X Zoom

The VX-2S-OP-30X is a 2MP, IP66, IK10, PTZ camera offering 30x optical zoom. Utilizing dual streaming technology, the camera can stream 30FPS at a 2MP resolution for recording, while also offering a secondary, lower resolution stream for remote live viewing with less impact on bandwidth.

Designed to work in all conditions, the camera works in temperatures ranging from -30⁰C (-22⁰F) to 65⁰C (149⁰F) as well as illumination as low as 0.02 lux. Features like digital WDR, Auto Gain Control, and configurable image parameters allow the camera to be tweaked to meet the needs of almost any environment.

The PTZ can function in a patrol, based on presets, manually, or smart tracking to track moving objects through the cameras field of view. Additionally, with built-in I/O, motion can trigger an external alarm, or an external alarm can move the PTZ.

2MP IP PTZ Camera



Provides affordable, high-definition coverage with the ability to digitally pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) to any location.


X-VIEW Panoramic De-warping Software allows users to achieve real-time viewing of an entire scene from a single camera.


Users can simultaneously view a 360° image as well as three (3) distortion-corrected images on individual subset screens.


Vandal-resistant camera is designed to integrate seamlessly with the full VIGIL Software Suite of modules including X-VIEW Panoramic De-warping Software.

Available Parts

# Name
VX-2S-OP-30X 2MP IP PTZ Camera - 30X Zoom

Related Parts - Recommended Mounts

# Name
VX-WM-PTZ Wall Mount Adaptor
VX-POLE-OP Pole Mount Adaptor
VX-CM-PTZ Corner Mount Adaptor
VX-2S-OP-CM Ceiling Mount Adapter

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