VH-UDIO-1204 Front
VH-UDIO-1204 Back
VH-UDIO-1204 with Accessories

USB Digital Input/Output


3xLOGIC’s VH-UDIO-1204 allows VIGIL Server users to monitor and control many facets of the environment that their VIGIL Server protects. With direct integration into VIGIL Server, the VH-UDIO-1204 offers the ability to monitor 12 inputs and trigger 4 outputs through a USB powered connection. 

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With the VH-UDIO-1204’s 12 inputs, you can monitor and know the status of:

  • ƒ Contact closures
  • ƒ Door contacts
  • ƒ Safe openings
  • ƒ Cash register openings
  • Panic alarms
  • Call buttons/intercoms
  • Gate contacts 

Additionally, with any of your 4 outputs you can:

  • Trigger a relay
  • Trigger an output, like opening a door or gate or initiating siren or flashing light
  • Start recording video in alarm mode
    • Change the FPS
    • Creates colored flags within the Enhanced Visual Search for easy identification
  • Start recording audio
USB Digital Input & Output