Gunshot Detection

Unpredictable active shooter situations happen all too often in places such as schools, places of worship, warehouses, and places of work. It’s important to have safety measures in place as these tragedies escalate quickly before law enforcement can arrive. ​

3xLOGIC’s award-winning Gunshot Detection solution can be an important part of your active shooter safety and security plan. This patented technology is the only one of its kind in the market, which allows for better accuracy in identifying a gunshot compared to others that rely on microphones and infrared sensors. ​

Gunshot Detection not only seamlessly integrates into our solutions, but also to any other deployed intrusion, video management, or access control solution making it simple to deploy, allowing you and your security team to be better prepared to react quickly and effectively in the event of an active shooter situation.​

3xLOGIC has two Gunshot Detection devices available, an 8-sensor device for large spaces and a single sensor, available in a metal and plastic option for smaller spaces. ​

3xlogic gunshot detection
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The Concussive Wave Technology​

3xLOGIC’s Gunshot Detection device uses patented concussive wave technology to detect the moment at which a gun is fired and the bullet leaves the chamber. Upon firing, the force of the bullet leaving the chamber creates a concussive wave within a defined frequency range. Although you can’t see concussive waves through the air, the 3xLOGIC Gunshot Detection device is tuned to detect those waves from any caliber firearm.​

3xLOGIC Gunshot Detection devices—single or multiple 8 sensors—easily and seamlessly integrate with other security systems. When a gun is fired in range of a sensor, the sensor will activate a relay contact to alert monitoring systems through software integration. Potential pre-programmed Active Shooter Plan actions include triggering an alarm in an intrusion system; alerting a mass notification system; triggering an action via an access control system; enabling live and playback video on a video management system to provide additional verification; or any of a number of other pre-programmed actions and responses.​

Simple Solution, Comprehensive Coverage, Affordable

.: Patented technology - No microphones, infrared sensors, or complex analytics, allowing for a more accurate and reliable solution. Our solution has the customers privacy in mind with no audio being utilized.​

.: Integration - A self-contained device with a reliable dry contact allowing you to easily integrate into your existing security system​ for a verified solution with actions, i.e. video verification, access control with global lock down, etc.​

.: Affordable - Utilizing a range of 75 ft. radius, our device minimizes the number of sensors needed, allowing​ for a cost-effective solution.​

.: Simplicity - Our solution has no need for any configuration, software updates, servers, or relay boards.​

.: Versatility - Indoor and Outdoor capable device with an optional protective cage for vandal protection.​

Typical Use Cases

K-12 Schools Small/Medium Business
Colleges/Universities Banking
Retail Places of Worship
Commercial Government
Warehouse & Distribution Healthcare Facilities

Key Features & Benefits

Alarm form C X
Warranty 1 Year Warranty (parts and labor)
Range 8 Sensor 75ft & 360°
Range Single Sensor 75ft & 160°
8 Sensor Ceiling or Wall Mount X
Single Sensor Corner Mount X

Product Specifics

8 Sensor 75’ radius/360 degrees detection range in any unobstructed direction​ ​Designed and manufactured in USA​
New Single Sensor 75' radius/ 160 degrees detection range in any unobstructed direction​ Test Mode via contact-less switch
FCC approved components​ Temperature rating: -35°F to 135°F
Indoor and Outdoor rated​ ​Trouble relay for DC power loss​
Self-contained detector​ Die cast aluminum casing and HDPE

Power Options

12vDC Power Transformer 12vDC Separate Power Supply

Detection Method

Engineered Shockwave technology (Non Microphone based detection) 8 sensor product has 8 sensors per device
Sensors detect only gun shot shockwaves No server, software, or cloud-based service required for functionality
8 sensor device, 360 degree detection within line of sight Patented technology
Single sensor, 160 degree detection within line of sight Single sensor product has 1 sensor per device

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
SentCMBW Gunshot Detection w/ Ceiling Mount - White
SentCMBB Gunshot Detection w/ Ceiling Mount - Black
SentCMBWPOE Gunshot Detection w/ POE & Ceiling Mount - White
SentCMBBPOE Gunshot Detection w/ POE & Ceiling Mount - Black
WM01W Wall Mount- White
WM01B Wall Mount- Black
SRMP01 Transducer Screen Replacement Master Pack (qty 100 pcs)
TP5P01 Telescoping Testing Pole ( 5 pieces)
CM04 Flush Ceiling Mount
UCB01 Gunshot 8 Sensor Protective Cage - Black
UCW02 Gunshot 8 Sensor Protective Cage - White
UCG03 Gunshot 8 Sensor Protective Cage - Grey
PCB01 Gunshot 8 Sensor Protective Cover - Black
PCW02 Gunshot 8 Sensor Protective Cover - White
PCG02 Gunshot 8 Sensor Protective Cover - Grey
S1POWH12V S1 Single Sensor Gunshot Plastic - Off White - 12V
S1MGGRY12V S1 Single Sensor Gunshot Metal - Grey - 12V
S1CMP S1 Corner Mount Plastic
S1CMM S1 Corner Mount Metal
SP01 Screen Puller Tool to Safely Remove Screens
STU01 Gunshot testing device with Bluetooth