infinias® Server 50


infinias™ SVR50 Series servers are fully-integrated intelligent security appliances. Pre-configured with infinias ESSENTIALS
software, these 1U servers represent a cost-effective video management platform that provides an unrivaled ease of setup.

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Extensive Features

For your convenience, 3xLOGIC offers a 1U server to support any access control application. All servers come with Microsoft Windows and infinias Access Control Management software pre-installed and preconfigured. They’re ready to go – straight out of the box!

Single Solution

The SVR50 design provides all the network components required to get started. Not only are alarm, serial, and audio inputs built-in, this series features HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA video outputs. The SVR50 design provides all the network components required to deploy your system. This model includes 8 embedded PoE ports for powering your eIDC32 door controllers.

3xLOGIC Support Environment

A USB drive containing the 3xLOGIC Support Environment is connected within the SVR50 chassis. Accessing the environment is as easy as booting to the recovery drive. The Support Environment allows for Windows images to be taken or applied as well as providing access to multiple diagnostic and support tools to help users or 3xLOGIC support troubleshoot any possible issues with the server.

Integrates with Your Business

Monitor your business with an integration to a wide variety of data sources including access control, alarms, audio devices, and more. This data can all be tied to the system, made searchable, and generate alarms based on specific criteria.

All Inclusive 

The infinias Server 50 provides support for up to 50 doors, and has built in PoE for the first 8 doors. The Server 50 also comes with pre-installed special utilities, designed to support automatic backup and database man-agement capabilities. Simply add a switch to the embedded PoE switch to add additional doors.

Powered by infinias

infinias ESSENTIALS provides all of the ‘essentials’ needed to deliver broad access control capabilities to secure and manage your location, within a simple, intuitive browser-based user interface. The software allows you to view, monitor and report on any or all events and alarms; define multiple security roles, access and privileges for individual users, and use the pow-erful ‘rules engine’ to perform a variety of functions.

Available Parts

# Name
S-SVR50-8-02 SVR50 Series appliance with 1TB storage, 8 Port PoE switch built-in to power the first 8 infinias eIDC32 door controllers.

Included Components

# Name
S-HAR-0069 Short arm security hex key
S-IA-ESS infinias ESSENTIALS License Card
S-IMC-2 Mobile Credentials License 2 pack
S-ACC-AKT Keyfob - HID compatible
S-ACC-CLM Clam Shell Card

Optional Components

# Name
S-IA-PRO infinias PROFESSIONAL License
S-IA-CORP infinias CORPORATE License
S-IMC-10 Mobile Credential License 10 pack
S-IMC-20 Mobile Credential License 20 pack
S-IMC-50 Mobile Credential License 50 pack
S-IMC-100 Mobile Credential License 100 pack
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