V-Series 2MP Exterior Bullet Camera

VX-2A-B-RIWDZ, -S, -AS, -A

The VX-2A-B-RIWDZ is a fully functional indoor/outdoor IP camera with advanced analytics capabilities. These cameras can be connected to a DVR or act as a standalone recording device.

The exterior bullet camera offers high-definition video at full 1920 x 1080 resolution for both indoor and outdoor video surveillance applications which require superior clarity and detail. Its many features include; dual-streaming of either H.264 or MJPEG compression; wide dynamic range; Micro SD card slot for local recording; IP66 weather resistant construction; varifocal lens; and IR illumination.

Infrared IP Bullet Camera – Varifocal 2.8-12mm lens
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The embedded analytics use algorithms that automatically self-adjust, allowing the user to concentrate on the detection rules. This greatly simplifies the analytic process, requiring only a few mouse clicks to configure a detection rule. These advanced analytics allow for object classification, direction, people counting, dwell times, and occupancy counts.

When enabled, the embedded VIGIL Server software from 3xLOGIC allows the camera to be run as a stand-alone device recording video to the onboard memory card. This makes the camera compatible with the 3xLOGIC software suite including VIGIL Client, VIGIL VCM, VIGIL Mobile and VIGIL Cloud applications. Simple plug-and-play installation allows for access using a standard web browser, VIGIL Client, or your mobile device or tablet using our easy to use QR code quick setup.

Available Parts

# Name
VX-2A-B-RIWDZ 2MP IP Bullet Camera with Standard Analytics
-S VIGIL Server Stand-Alone Software License with 64GB SD Storage, Includes Basic Relay Server Service
-AS Advanced Analytics License and Server Stand-Alone License
-A Advanced Video Analytics
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