V500 Hybrid

The V500 Hybrid provides the perfect replacement solution for aging analog DVRs while still leveraging existing analog infrastructure. By combining a NVR with a built in PoE switch and a high definition analog DVR in the same chassis an aging DVR can be replaced without changing existing cameras, eliminating the need to invest in additional hardware. Add IP or HD analog cameras while replacing the DVR to realize the benefit of high resolution video while still fully leveraging your existing analog investment. The V500 utilizes three separate network adapters that will support almost any network topology.

V500 Hybrid



Remotely stream and view high-definition video with minimal impact on network bandwidth.


Monitor your business with an integration to a wide variety of data sources including Point-of-Sale, ATM, access control, alarms, and audio devices.


Built in PoE switch and a high definition analog DVR in the same chassis.


The V500 Series includes a setup wizard to allow those with no IP video experience to set up their DVR and start recording and viewing video.

Available Parts

# Name
V500-16 V500 Hybrid, 16-channel HD analog up to 1080p, 16-port embedded PoE chassis

Related Parts - Recommended Mounts

# Name
VGL-SW-SVR-POS VIGIL Server POS License, single (1) server, multi point-of-sale terminals
VGL-SW-SVR-PANA VIGIL Server 360 Dewarping License, single (1) camera
VH-4TB 4TB Hard Drive (Additional hard drive; Up to 4 drives total)
VH-8TB 8TB Hard Drive (Additional hard drive; Up to 4 drives total)


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