VISIX 8MP Indoor/Outdoor Dome with Remote Focus (2.7-13.5mm), IR, Audio and Alarm I/O, True WDR. IP66 rated and Advanced Object Tracking Edge Analytics


The VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X is 8 Megapixel, IP66 rated IP camera with a remote focus lens, allowing for flexibility on installation. In addition to being outdoor rated has 120dB WDR and built-in 30m IR, making the VX- 8M-OD-RIAW-X a versatile camera fitting most every outdoor installation requirement.

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The VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X is compatible with the entire VIGIL Software Suite, including direct access through VIGIL Client and our mobile app View Lite II, as well as with VIGIL Central Management for remote health monitoring and notification. The camera has been optimized for use with our Advanced Analytics package for people counting, dwell timers, etc....making this camera a robust and powerful asset to your business.

The VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X also supports H.264, H.265 and dual streaming. These technologies, combined with VIGIL Server’s Substream Motion Detection and RapidStream technologies allows this camera to be viewed remotely in both live and playback modes with minimal impact on your network. Coupled with the VIGIL™ Series of Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Video Management System (VMS) software, including the VIGIL Analytics Bridge which helps to streamline reports from data gathered by the camera’s analytics engine via VIGIL Client’s Advanced Reporting. Superior hardware compression and decompression allows for maximum performance of streamed live video, providing better video quality, more concurrent streams and a lower overall hit to CPU performance.

Solution Beyond Security & Surveillance

Businesses are looking for their investments to work harder with a solution beyond security and surveillance. Advanced Analytics provide robust reporting options within the VIGIL Suite of Products. For example, People Counting can provide critical customer counting data.  People Counting, when combined with Dwell Time data in VIGIL Server Advanced reporting, provides a snapshot into day-to-day business activities.  Data can be displayed in a calendar format with options for daily, weekly, and monthly views and totals. This data can also be synchronized with the cloud based 3xLOGIC VIGIL Trends product to display People Counting and Dwell Time alongside POS Exception Based Reporting in an easy-to-read dashboard. 

The Edge Based 3xLOGIC VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X gives you all the tools you need for edge and server-based Business Intelligence.  Using the 3xLOGIC Edge Based Analytics camera, business owners can gain valuable insight into their business and customer behavior with customer dwell time, line data, and people counting analytics, enabling retailers to make informed business decisions.  Combine this with the VIGIL Server Advanced Reporting engine w/POS, and you have all the tools you need for a server-based BI solution.​

BI Analytics with TRENDS Integration

​The VIGIL VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X is also fully integrated with VIGIL TRENDS and provides a window into your business and combined with TRENDS powerful POS KPI engine, further provides value to Business Intelligence analytics from the Cloud.

The VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X includes all Edge Based Advanced Analytics.  No additional licensing is necessary to realize unparalleled accuracy.

  • Presence (Polygon and Line)
  • Object Tracker
  • Tamper Detection
  • Enter and Exit
  • Appear, Disappear, and Stopped Filters
  • Dwell Time filters
  • Abandoned and Removed Object
  • Object Direction and Tailgating
  • Counting and Counting Line(s)
  • Logical Rules and Non-detect Zone(s)
  • Deep Learning Object and People Tracker

Available Parts

# Name
VX-8M-OD-RIAW-X VISIX 8MP Indoor/Outdoo Dome with Remote Focus (2.7-13.5mm), IR, Audio and Alarm I/O, True WDR. IP66 rated and Advanced Object Tracking Edge Analytics.

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