Gunshot Detection Solution

In any workplace or school, the safety of your people is the top priority.

Quickly Respond to Active Shooter Situations

Our award-winning Gunshot Detection solution uses innovative concussive force shockwave sensors to accurately identify gunshots and quickly trigger an alert to monitoring personnel. The device seamlessly integrates into your existing security system to elevate your safety and security plan.

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Key Benefits

Gunshot Detection Solution Device

Increased Accuracy

Concussive force recognition technology employs sensors designed to pickup shockwaves created by a firearm, reducing the chances of false alarm.

Gunshot Detection Device w/ 75' Range

Easy Deployment

The self-contained device integrates with not only 3xLOGIC solutions but also any other deployed intrusion, video management, or access control solution. No need for software, servers, or relay board. 

Gunshot Detection Device 360 Degree Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Utilizing a range of 75 ft. radius with a 360° coverage, our solution minimizes the number of sensors needed allowing you to be affordably covered.