Helping to Build Safer Schools


In educational settings protecting students, staff, visitors, and facilities are a top priority. Our security systems are perfectly suited to maintaining school safety - from elementary through high school.


Integrated Security Solutions for K-12 Schools

The smooth implementation and easy scalability of our hardware and software let us craft integrated security solutions that meet your needs. Get updates, view cameras, and control access remotely. Our solutions help ensure facilities are kept safe and secure so students and teachers can focus on education.

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Why choose 3xLOGIC?

Remote Management

Responsive safety features and camera networks allow you to have total visibility and control, even when you're off-site.

Integration & Scalability

Your school security needs to be agile enough to react to changing demands - the integration and scalability of our solutions make expansion quick and simple.

Data & Insight

Protection is good, avoidance is better. We go beyond traditional security by gathering data that can help you eliminate security issues before they ever occur.

The ease of use and the compliments we get on the 3xLOGIC system have been a big improvement - that's huge. You want it to be a positive experience so that people will use it. If we're using it, we're successfully improving security on our campuses."

Littleton Public Schools Rely on 3xLOGIC to Successfully Improve School Safety.

Guy Grace
Director of Security & Emergency

3xLOGIC Partners to make schools safe; A conversation with Guy Grace