TRENDS Business Intelligence Software

Using TRENDS business intelligence software is as simple as pressing a red button. TRENDS has the flexibility to bring virtually any data stream into the cloud-based platform. This enables features for store comparisons, sales conversions, weather, and analytics such as dwell time data and traffic counting to be easily viewed and compared from any device anywhere, any time.

Weighted results are displayed in an easy-to-read fashion highlighting areas of interest within your organization. Just a single click provides actionable details related to a specific employee, transaction or business.

Identifying areas to increase profits and reduce losses has never been easier.

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The TRENDS data pipeline combines your financial data, video data, and any other third-party data of interest into a consolidated data warehouse.

TRENDS maps your cameras to the places your employees work (like a cash drawer), then aligns the video data to your financial data based on the timestamps from each system. You can use the TRENDS rules engine to define sophisticated criteria to identify suspicious (or just interesting) patterns within your data (like a voided item followed by a no sale transaction).

As your data changes, the TRENDS data pipeline maintains and sanitizes your data warehouse, it also evaluates incoming data with the rules you’ve defined. This generates exceptions, which generates alerts to the appropriate TRENDS users within your operation. Users drill into these exceptions through the data visualizations you have defined to rapidly view and classify the associated videos as fraudulent, valid or any other category you need. Classified transactions can be escalated for manager approval or exported to a 3rd party ticketing or case management system.


TRENDS helps you catch people stealing within your operation.


Watch the video you need faster. If video isn't integrated into your case management workflow, you are not catching theft.


TRENDS combines your video data with your financial data. When suspicious activity happens in your financial data, TRENDS generates an alert.


Flexible exception rule criteria spanning multiple financial transactions. Concise data visualizations to explore your data.

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