10 Tips for Keeping Your Cloud Security Service Secure

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Cloud security services are a great way to protect your business and allow you to use an internet-connected device to watch surveillance videos, manage your security system, and more. But if you are using your mobile device to control your cloud security system, it’s important to make sure you are keeping your account secure. Here are 10 cloud security tips for keeping your cloud security service secure.  

Enable a 2-Factor Account Authentication 

In today’s world, information can be leaked and fall into the wrong person’s hands. If someone gets your information, whether it is accidentally, intentionally, or maliciously, you want to make sure there’s another step in place before they’re allowed access to your account. That is where 2-Factor authentication can help. Using 2-Factor authentication may make it harder for someone to access your cloud security service and help keep it secure. 

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

It may be tempting to use public wi-fi if it is available, but do your best to stay off of public wi-fi. On a public wi-fi network, you never fully know who else is on the network, which could present a problem if someone is trying to hack into your cloud security service. It’s better to be on your own personal wi-fi or even a direct connection via hardwired. This will help reduce the risk of someone trying to hack into your account due to you both being on a public wi-fi network.

Only Use “Remember This Device” on Devices You Own

Although this may sound like an obvious tip, people clicking “remember this device” on other devices happens quite a bit. Whether it’s a shopping or your cloud security service account, make sure to not turn on remember this device. This is especially true if you are using something in public, like a computer at a library. By doing this, people will not be able to access your accounts as easily.

Use VPN When Available

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are a great way to keep your cloud security service secure. If you have access to a VPN, use that network when available. It adds a whole other layer of security and another step for logging in, which will help keep your accounts secure. 

Don’t Share Passwords

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but in a world where we share streaming passwords, it can become easy to forget the importance of not sharing passwords. It may seem like an easy idea to have someone log into your cloud security service account if you are unavailable to view video surveillance footage or cannot log into your account at the time. But, it is important to not share passwords and let someone else log in under you. Keep your passwords to yourself which will help keep your account secure.

Create and Use Strong Passwords

Most of us are guilty of using the same password for multiple accounts, and often, this password is easy to guess. Passwords should not be simple, especially for important accounts, such as your cloud security service or bank account. A strong password should consist of the following:

  • A minimum of eight characters, 
  • At least one capital letter
  • One or more numbers
  • At least one additional character, such as !, #, or @

Make sure your password is as complex as possible. Chances are if it’s difficult for you to remember, it’s going to be difficult for somebody else to guess as well. 

Change Your Passwords Every 30 to 60 Days

We often get into the habit of changing our passwords only when it is required. Try to get into the regimen of constantly changing your cloud security service password, and other accounts too, on a consistent basis. Set a reminder every 30 to 60 days to change your password. By changing your password frequently,  if one of your passwords is leaked and somebody accesses it, chances are you’ve changed it by the time they try to use it.

Don’t Use Email Aliases or Shared Email Accounts

When creating an email to use for a cloud security service account, it is best to avoid using email aliases or shared email accounts. Instead, create your own email with your own username and password to help strengthen the security of your accounts. 

Pay Attention to Notifications About Login Activity

Pay attention to those notifications! If you get an email saying someone’s trying to log in to your cloud security service, take action. Immediately log in and change the password so that whoever is trying to access your account will be unable to. 

Limit the Number of Administrator Accounts for Services You Manage

With a cloud security service or other accounts where you can add multiple users, it’s important to limit the number of administrator accounts. You can add as many low-level users as you want, but limit the admins that have full control to certain people in your organization. Having too many admin accounts can lead to problems in figuring out who changed what. By limiting admin access, you to make sure the correct people are performing admin applications. 

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