3xLOGIC Mobile Apps: the perfect partner to your VIGIL installation

Suzi Abell Suzi Abell
3xLOGIC Mobile Apps

Having the ability to view and record video footage remotely is essential in today’s world. Increasing numbers of people are now working remotely and securing their premises from off-site, central control rooms. Therefore, 3xLOGIC’s mobile apps are the ideal complement for your 3xLOGIC VIGIL video installation, enabling you to easily configure and view video.

Designed to enhance the installer and end-user experience, there are several apps on offer, including the View Lite II, VIGIL Cloud, and the VISIX V-Series Setup App.


View Lite II

View Lite II is a mobile app designed to allow users to connect to and view an unlimited number of V-Series standalone cameras and cameras connected to a VIGIL VMS Server. With the app, users can view up to 48 live camera feeds simultaneously, choosing from 9 different layout options.

Push notifications can be configured to alert you to any events that need attention, including possible theft, trespassing or dangerous behaviour. This allows you and your team to focus on other tasks, as your VIGIL video solution constantly monitors and secures your premises in the background. The app can also carry out POS and ATM searches along with live and playback footage.

Set-up is simple, with a drag-and-drop interface that requires no previous experience or training to use.


VISIX V-Series Setup App

Available from Q1 2021, the VISIX V-Series Setup App is designed to help field installers efficiently and quickly set up and configure VISIX V-Series cameras. It gathers key installation information (such as site name, location, camera name and other camera data) which is then emailed to the client or managers for future reference. This information is also used to configure cameras with other 3xLOGIC software and apps like the View Lite II, VIGIL Client, and VIGIL VCM.



VIGIL CLOUD is an upcoming service that will provide a highly-secure, scalable solution for collecting, processing, and analyzing video data. This lays the groundwork for advanced insights and data analysis, plus future integration with emerging technology like the Internet of Things (IoT).


Adding value to your installations

Investing in the right mobile app will help your team become more efficient and informed. 3xLOGIC’s mobile apps are designed to be intuitive and simple to set up, helping you focus on what matters most: gathering the video information you need to optimize operations, prevent fraud, and secure your assets.


To discover more about the VIGIL ecosystem of video solutions and how it can help your business succeed, download our latest E-Guide.