3xLOGIC Webinar to Introduce New Features and Enhancements for VIGIL CLOUD Offering

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Fishers, Indiana (October 19, 2021) – For dealers and integrators working with or looking to work with the cloud, 3xLOGIC is hosting a webinar Thursday, October, 28, at 2 p.m. ET to unveil a number of new features for its VIGIL CLOUD offering.

Building on 3xLOGIC’s 20-plus years of experience recording and managing video, VIGIL CLOUD brings a new paradigm to physical security through a powerful case management system that empowers users to share critical information and insights easily and quickly with team members and other stakeholders from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Leveraging cloud technology’s economical cost of deployment, VIGIL CLOUD delivers the holistic view of security systems that users have been looking for, enabling them to see their security in a whole new way and to get clarity from the cloud.

The hour-long webinar will provide attendees with in-depth information about VIGIL CLOUD, including a number of new features designed to help dealers and integrators grow their business with a robust, cloud-based solution.

Smart Search

With the new Smart Search capability, VIGIL CLOUD users can quickly and easily identify and review events of interests, resulting in more accurate and efficient investigation. Providing seamless functionality between 3xLOGIC VIGIL CLOUD Server and client-based solutions and the VIGIL CLOUD offering, Smart Search allows users to focus their searches on just the areas or frames that most interest them. The intuitive, user-friendly interface allows users to narrow down their footage search results by selecting as many or as few blocks of the image as they wish to search within the playback field of view. Once a filter has been applied, Smart Search reviews the visible timeline and returns only the motion events in selected areas that are of most interest, with any motion detected within regions of interest displayed along the playback timeline. From this review, users can capture video clips, case management, and still images. Users can also change the Smart Search’s sensitivity to determine how much motion is required to trigger an event.


3xLOGIC’s new VIGIL CLOUD mobile app for iOS and Android puts the power of VIGIL CLOUD in users’ hands, providing instant access to live and recorded video from anywhere, at any time. The app also allows users to configure playback options to their preferences and access a case management tool for commenting and changing status. For ease of use, the app’s dashboard provides quick and intuitive access to most recently viewed cameras, cases, and locations.
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