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Cut Creation Costs

For over 15 years, 3xLOGIC has been at the forefront of security technology, providing easy-to-install solutions for integrating Video, Access Control, ATM, Point-of-Sale, Analytics, and more. Its cloud-based access control, video management solution, and business intelligence software (powered by artificial intelligence) has helped numerous installers to cut their creation costs and attract more business.

As an installer, your priority is delivering a high-quality, reliable, and robust system that meets the end user's needs. With 3xLOGIC alongside as your trusted, high-value strategic partner, you can achieve this, plus deploy your system quickly, reducing your cost of labor. This has knock-­on benefits. With a shorter time-on-site (or even no time-on­-site if the system can deploy and be maintained via the cloud), your expert on-the-ground technicians can complete more jobs. The overall cost of each deployment will, therefore, reduce. Furthermore, in today's climate, nobody wishes to remain on-site and in physical proximity to others for longer than completely necessary. A shorter installation time will help to put their mind at ease. 

Cutting Ongoing Costs 

Ongoing costs are another consideration and with a cloud video solution, firmware and software can be automatically updated at a time that suits the end-user (out of working hours, for instance). Again, this cuts the time, cost, and risk of deploying someone to work on-site. 

Introducing VIGIL VMS 

With the VIGIL VMS Platform, your creation and ongoing maintenance costs will be cut significantly. And with an easier and shorter installation time, you can complete more set-ups in the same timeframe and attract more business. VIGIL VMS is very cost-competitive for enterprise installations with a TCO (total cost of ownership) well below 3xLOGIC's competition. 

Complemented by VIGIL Server

Installers can also utilize 3xLOGIC's VIGIL Server solution which features multiple tools to aid quick deployment. This includes the Easy Setup Wizard that can program cameras within six minutes—saving time and costs as you don't have to manually search for each camera, plug-in settings, find the IP, and so forth. For large projects, deployment templates can also simplify and cut the costs of implementation. Plus, VIGIL Connect. 3xLOGIC's proprietary DDNS, allows remote connectivity without advanced networking configuration. With this, installers don't have to set up or remember a static IP address. 

Working in tandem, such solutions are vastly cutting the amount of work that has to be done with a deployment on-site. 

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