Introducing the VIGIL Camera Range

Suzi Abell Suzi Abell

Cameras are your eyes on the situation when it comes to understanding what’s happening on-site and securing your premises. With the right camera solutions, you can keep your stock safe, detect fraud or theft, optimize your operations, and improve your security team’s efficiency. 

The 3xLOGIC Difference 

With 3xLOGIC, you can choose from a range of cameras in all shapes and styles, to meet your business’ exact needs - with some of the best value on the market. Seamless integrations with the VIGIL ecosystem of hardware and software will add value to your camera system by helping you control site access, understand stock levels, monitor point-of-sale locations, detect trespassing or other emergencies, and understand how many people are on-site. Integrating with VIGIL VMS, Client and Server will enable you to install different cameras across a site and have them work harmoniously together.

Our cameras are complemented with a range of indoor and outdoor mounts and accessories, to help you fix equipment securely to any surface, from ceilings to corners.

The VISIX Gen III Range

Our VISIX Gen III range includes dome and bullet models that are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, with vandal-proof protection to give extra peace-of-mind. The VISIX 5MP, for example, is an indoor and outdoor mini-dome camera that suits most entry-level indoor / outdoor installation requirements is suitable for a range of industries.

For a 360° view, the VISIX 6MP Outdoor Fisheye with IR provides affordable, high-definition coverage with the additional ability to digitally pan, tilt and zoom to any location. It can provide footage in low / no-light environments, which makes it particularly well-suited for dimly lit restaurants and back-office areas. Plus, with the 3xLOGIC Panoramic De-warping Software, you can view a scene in real-time from just one of these cameras and also get a simultaneous view of a 360° image.

The VISIX 5MP Outdoor Bullet with Remote Focus is suitable for nearly any application including motion detection, remote focus, low-light levels with infrared and alarm input and output. It has been used, for example, to monitor for trespassing or suspicious activity in car parks and the surrounding areas of public buildings.

Advanced Analytics 

The VISIX range of cameras provides both a basic and advanced level of analytics enabling the camera to detect conditions pre-set by the user.  Areas of movement, object detection, as well as object appear / disappear, and camera tamper detection are just a few of the basic analytics included with the cameras.  Advanced analytics such as people counting, direction of travel and others are available in the VISIX Advanced Analytics package.  These advanced features extend the capabilities of the VISIX cameras as an integral part of the entire security ecosystem provided by 3xLOGIC.  In today’s world of unattended operations, VISIX Advanced Analytics allow business owners and operators to focus on critical areas of their business, while VISIX keeps an eye on the security of people, assets, and operations without the need for constant monitoring by humans.

Advanced Imaging 

Finally, for more advanced imaging options, 3xLOGIC offers the VISIX Time of Flight (ToF) imager and the VISIX thermal imager. These offer unparalleled insights for thermal detection in a space, or for occupancy and queue management. With the VISIX ToF imager, you can improve waiting times in-store, understand when to open up alternative routes or checkouts, or redirect people to less busy spaces. Meanwhile, the VISIX thermal imager will alert you to any trespassing, while reducing false alarms by detecting a thermal image of an intruder and will only alarm based on the actual presence of that intruder - not a shadow or other false artifact.

As you can see, whatever your needs, 3xLOGIC will have a camera solution for you. To learn more about our full camera range, accessories and hardware, please read our latest E-Guide.