Introducing VIGIL Video Solutions Software

Suzi Abell Suzi Abell

VIGIL offers a range of hardware and software options to suit all deployment needs. Our software has been designed as the ideal complement to your VIGIL hardware, adding further functionality to our suite of products and helping you derive greater value from your installations. Here, we run through our available software and upcoming plans.


VIGIL Client

VIGIL Client provides remote and local live and playback viewing of all video and data collected by a VIGIL Server. It enables advanced search capabilities like motion-based Smart Search, time-lapse inspired thumbnail search, and Rapid Stream video compression to streamline investigations and reduce the manual workload on your security team.

We also offer VIGIL Client Lite for Mac, which provides Apple users with the ability to view live and playback footage natively within the Mac operating system. Therefore eliminating the need to install expensive third-party applications or set-up a dual boot environment that supports Windows.


VIGIL Central Management

VIGIL Central Management (VCM) is a scalable network monitoring utility designed for both multi-site networks as well as smaller business environments with simplified network architecture (and everything in-between). Using VCM, you can manage multiple VIGIL Servers and V-Series cameras that are connected over IP (Internet Protocol) networks.

VCM enables remote monitoring of Servers, helping you see instantly what cameras are online,  their recording status, disk usage, maintenance needs and camera health concerns. Hardware updates can be performed remotely via the onboard software, based on an agreed schedule, so you don’t suffer unexpected downtime. Warnings can be automatically triggered when the expected number of cameras have stopped recording for a predefined amount of minutes, so your team can step-in and investigate.


VIGIL Point-of-Sale

Millions of pounds disappear from Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in retail stores on a daily basis due to fraudulent or criminal employee activities. Detecting and deterring cashier-related shrinkage can have a huge impact on a retailer’s bottom-line.

VIGIL Point-of-Sale enables you to run queries on your POS transactions based on date, time, camera, transaction type, value, item code, cashier, or receipt number and view results along with video footage of those transactions for a complete overview of a situation.

You can also set-up real-time alerts based on predefined rules when events and actions fall outside of those parameters. This empowers your security team to respond proactively to threats.


The VIGIL Software Development Kit

The VIGIL Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software development tools that enable seamless integration between VIGIL Server and third-party security solutions and hardware devices. It includes an Application Program Interface (API), sample source code and documentation that provide our development partners with the tools they need to rapidly develop integrated, comprehensive security solutions. It supports all modern development languages and tools, including .NET and C#.


Future plans

3xLOGIC is always iterating and adding to the VIGIL software range to meet changing customer needs and expectations. We have several software options planned in the near future, including the roll-out of the TRENDS business intelligence tool that connects your video data with third-party data to provide cohesive, on-the-ground insights.


To learn more about VIGIL software and how it works with our hardware, download our latest E-Guide.