An overview of VIGIL Solutions

Suzi Abell Suzi Abell

3xLOGIC offers an incredible ecosystem of products and services, called the VIGIL Video solution, that adds value to any deployment. Our product line includes cameras, VIGIL software, advanced image devices, recording appliances, mobile apps, accessories and mounts - and there are further hardware and software solutions in the pipeline such as TRENDS, a Business Intelligence solution to provide detailed insights from your video and other system data.

With this, you can build a wide array of different hardware and software set-ups to suit every site and team requirement.

VIGIL Hardware

The VIGIL suite of products include robust camera devices, from indoor to outdoor and hybrid models, bullet and dome, and advanced thermal imaging and people-counting solutions You can deploy different cameras across a site and have them work harmoniously together, as well as integrate with other devices in our product range. These include our recording appliances that combine cutting-edge hardware and software to maximise their performance and functionality. VIGIL recorders are user-friendly, cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to add the key functionality of a VMS (video management system) quickly and easily. Our devices are supplemented with a range of accessories like camera mounts, gang plates and brackets.

VIGIL Software

VIGIL software complements our hardware and adds further value to your deployments. VIGIL Client is designed to streamline a security team’s manual workload, while VIGIL Central Management (VCM) helps teams to manage multiple cameras and VIGIL Servers. Then there’s VIGIL Point-of-Sale designed for retailers to deter fraud or theft at Point-of-Sale terminals. Finally, the VIGIL Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software development tools that enable seamless integration between VIGIL Server and third-party security solutions and hardware devices.

East Integration

The 3xLOGIC suite of products can integrate with other security systems for seamless building management, access control, incident managment and video surveillance

For instance, PACOM’s GMS and UNISON security management platforms can connect with VIGIL appliances so operators can review video recordings and validate alarm signals. We can also place camera icons on interactive site maps for easy call up of live video.

By Q1 2021 VIGIL will also integrate with PAC’s Access Control management platform, which allows VIGIL CCTV AND PAC Access/Building Control to be managed via a single user interface, providing fully automated alerts that can be triggered by a large variety of events.  This is an exciting new step for us.

Solutions for every need

Whatever the need, there is a VIGIL solution for you. To learn more about this vast range of products and services, read our latest E-Guide for an in-depth look at everything available and their possible applications.