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safety first richard joslin 3xlogic

Richard Joslin, Senior Director of Global Sales for 3xLOGIC:

Video management systems (VMS) are usually integrated into an organization’s IT network infrastructure to ensure that business operations, risk mitigation and security objectives are aligned.

While loss prevention is a key driver for heightened security in retail environments, violence against staff is also on the rise.

Body worn cameras can act as a deterrent and help to diffuse a potentially volatile situation. The reason is simple – people tend to be far less aggressive if they know they are being recorded. When confronting someone who is exhibiting antisocial behavior staff can be trained in how to calmly but firmly inform them that they will be filmed, and what the evidence will be used for should they decide to continue.

By offering minimal latency streaming, a VMS, in conjunction with analytics, can identify persons of interest and provide an alert. Making video access easier also increases efficiency and speed of response, while footage can be stored so it can be used when investigating cases. It makes the creation and sharing of evidence ready footage secure, fast and simple, with encrypted media files uploaded, stored and held securely in the cloud or on on-premise servers.

Today’s retailers operate in a complex and constantly changing environment and the days of having a burly security guard visible at the door to deter thieves and others with malicious intent are long gone. Technology is changing the game and retailers therefore need to innovate by adopting new ways of engaging with customers and reacting positively to the dynamics that are determining the way they shop. The possibilities that VMS offers are endless.”

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