Unlocking Human Potential Through Video Analytics

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In a world saturated with data collecting,  it is no longer enough for a strategic advantage. Instead, the best security leaders are leveraging their surveillance systems to gather, consolidate, analyze and respond to events and threats using advanced video analytics. The potential uses for a surveillance system extend beyond traditional security, providing greater peace of mind, operational efficiencies, and value.

Surfing the Data Wave

Data has become the key driver of modern businesses, with large amounts generated daily. By 2025,  the World Economic Forum estimates that a staggering 463 exabytes of data will be produced daily.  to put that into perspective, every word ever spoken by human beings, in languages current and old, is said to take up only five exabytes, according to TechTarget. it with the rise of the Internet of things (loT),  including connected, intelligent video cameras, the amount of data produced will rise exponentially.

Data Into Insights

It isn't just about the quantity of data available at your fingertips but the quality -  and the computing power to analyze it. Data, in its raw form, is unusable by the average security team. It needs to be transformed into actionable insights for the organization through data mining, analysis, visualization, and the right data infrastructure. This is business intelligence and it's becoming vital in the security sector.

Read the full article in Security Journal Americas.

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Mike Poe

Director of Product Management, 3xLOGIC

Michael Poe is the Director of Product Management at 3xLOGIC, overseeing product direction for Video, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Video Management.  Before his time with 3xLOGIC, Michael was based in the Retail industry for 15 years with Big Lots, managing security design, implementation, and monitoring of store CCTV, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, and Asset Protection systems. This experience became an invaluable base of knowledge in the integration of disparate security-based systems and management.

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