infinias Mobile Credential

infinias Mobile Credential provides convenient access control, allowing authorized users to request access to doors from their iPhone or Android phone – with the touch of a button.

Now with the release of infinias version 6.3 we've added new features to Mobile Credential including push notifications, location services, and multi-factor authentication.

Mobile Credential App interface



With the release of infinias version 6.3, we've added new features including push notifications, location services and multi-factor authentication.


If a phone goes missing, the phone owner will be notified right away, unlike a card or fob that could go unnoticed for days.


Request access to the doors at your facility with a touch of your phone.


Intelli-M® Access software provides a record of each access control event and transaction.

New infinias 6.3 Release

Now with the release of infinias version 6.3 we've added new features to Mobile Credential:

  • Push Notifications - Alert some or all credential holders to sensitive information quickly and easily.
  • Location Services - Administrators can configure how close a user must be to a door to gain access, to ensure phone (credential) is present. In addition, the three nearest doors are automatically shown on the homepage.
  • Multi-factor Authentication - Privileges can now be configured to require MFA and if so, a user will have to either already have or establish an unlock passcode/biometric/gesture/pin, thus adding "something you are" or "something you know" authentication forms to the existing "something you have" (the credential) for increased security.

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