infinias Small Form Factor Server


The infinias™ Small Form Factor (SFF) Server is the centerpiece of your security solution. With infinias Access Control preloaded and your choice of the ESSENTIALS, CORPORATE, or PROFESSIONAL software licenses available on request, this server offers a cost-effective, enterprise-grade security management platform. This unit is not only easy to deploy, but also easy to expand. Flexible by design, users get a system that addresses their current needs with the ability to scale to meet tomorrow’s demands.

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Powered by infinias

infinias Access Control software delivers broad access control capabilities to secure and manage your location, within a browser-based user interface. The software allows you to view, monitor and report on any or all events and alarms; define multiple security roles, access and privileges for individual users, and use the powerful “rules engine” to perform a variety of functions and customizations.

Integrates with Your Business

Monitor your business with an integration to a wide variety of data sources including access control, alarms, audio devices, and more. This data ties to the system, is searchable, and generates alarms based on specific criteria.

3xLOGIC Support Environment

All units come with Microsoft Windows and the infinias Access Control Management software pre-installed and preconfigured. A USB drive that contains the 3xLOGIC Support Environment is included with the SFF-SVR. Accessing the stored environment is as easy as booting to the recovery drive. The Support Environment allows for Windows images to be taken or applied as well as provides access to multiple diagnostic and support tools to help users or 3xLOGIC support troubleshoot any possible issues with the server. The SFF-SVR desktops are ready to go right out of the box!

Key Feature Benefits Include the Following

  • Highly efficient and loaded with 16GB of RAM
  • Versatile, compact small-form desktop chassis
  • Dual RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps NICs for easy network deployment
  • Performance Intel 10th Gen i3 Architecture
  • Dedicated 256GB SSD Operating System Drive
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded 10 Standard OS
  • Preconfigured with infinias Access Control

Available Licenses

# Name
S-IA-ESS infinias ESSENTIALS License
S-IA-PRO infinias PROFESSIONAL License
S-IA-CORP infinias CORPORATE License
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