VISIX 6MP Outdoor Fisheye with IR

With IR, Audio and Alarm I/O w/Mic. IP66/IK9 rated

This 360° IP camera provides affordable, high-definition 100% coverage with the ability to digitally pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) to any location. The VX-6M-360-IA-02 is ideal for low or no light environments. With a 6.4MP image processor capable of displaying up to 2592 x 1944 pixels when dewarped, this vandal-resistant network dome camera is designed to integrate seamlessly with the full family of VIGIL Video Management System (VMS) software modules.




3xLOGIC Panoramic De-warping Software allows users to achieve real-time viewing of an entire scene from a single camera. Users can simultaneously view a panoramic 360° image as well as three (3) distortion- corrected images on individual subset screens each supporting full-function digital PTZ capabilities. The flush-mount format allows for easy and secure installation in a wide variety of indoor applications.


The VX-6MP-360-IA-02 is packed with features you might need for nearly any application including: motion detection, compatibility with a wide variety of standardized network protocols, built-in microphone for two way voice. In addition, this camera is designed to continue functioning at top performance at temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) and as high as 50°C (122°F) allowing a wide range of applications.


When coupled with the VIGIL™ Series of digital video recorders (DVR) and Video Management System (VMS) software, superior point-to-point hardware compression and decompression allows for maximum performance of streamed live video providing better video quality, more concurrent streams and a lower overall hit to CPU performance.


Advanced Analytics licensing is available to build upon the already included base analytics. Available rules include Counting Line, Abandoned Object, Dwell, Removed Object, and Object Direction.

Available Parts

# Name
VX-6M-360-IA-02 VISIX 6MP Outdoor Fisheye with IR, Audio and Alarm I/O w/Mic. IP66/IK9 rated
VX-6M-360-IA-02-A Add Advanced Analytics License
NOTE: -A advanced analytics license can be added to a Base Camera at any time to unlock advanced analytics functionality. Speak to a 3xLOGIC Sales Associate for more info.

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