VIGIL Solutions Tool Kit

If you have been wanting to learn more about 3xLOGIC, then access our Solutions Tool Kit. You will find a wealth of information such as company information, videos, case studies, solutions e-guide, training options, spec sheets, and more! It is your one-stop-shop for all things VIGIL video solutions. 

Download Our Solutions Tool Kit


Interested in becoming a VAR (Value Added Reseller)? You are invited to join our virtual VAR Sales Training webinars where you will learn about our line of Cameras, VIGIL Software, Advanced Images, Recording Appliances, Mobile Apps, Accessories, and the next steps to becoming a VAR.

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10th November, 2 pm (London)

Cameras, Accessories, and Mounts

17th November, 2 pm (London)

Recording Appliances and VIGIL Software Options

8th December, 2 pm (London)

VIGIL Solutions summary, Marketing tools and next steps to becoming a VAR

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