The Evolution of Your Cloud-Based System

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Why Businesses are Switching to Cloud-Based Security Systems

The adoption of cloud-based security services has been accelerating in the security industry. Many companies are choosing the benefits of cloud-based or hybrid (on-premise and cloud-hosted) systems versus traditional on-premise security solutions. There are several reasons for this transition, but one key driver is the ability to update and upgrade your solution regularly at a minimal cost. Below are three examples of regular updates.:

Security Updates

Cyber security, cyber hygiene, and best practices for minimizing technology vulnerabilities are constantly evolving. As hackers develop new ways to attempt to gain access to technology and wreak havoc, manufacturers must continuously find better ways to make their products more secure. As these new best practices are implemented, cloud-hosted security systems can be updated with the latest cyber hygiene monthly or quarterly automatically, without the user requesting the update or even noticing until it’s complete.


New Features and Functionality. 

Technology Roadmaps are expanding rapidly with the ability to add analytics, increase processing power, and mine data faster than ever before. As systems add new features to existing products, customers can scan the menu and select if they want to add none, some, or all of the new features. This can be done remotely, potentially with the push of a button.


Analytics and Machine Learning

The power of video analytics processing is increasing, and the capability and accuracy of new analytics are expanding significantly. Video search capabilities, the ability to detect if people are wearing masks and protective equipment, or identifying a person versus an object crossing an outdoor perimeter are all examples of new features that can be added to solutions as the technologies become ready for the market.

Above are just a few examples of the tremendous flexibility and power cloud-based security systems offer the user when compared with dated on-premise technology.


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