Tech Tips: Simplify Installation with All-in-One Cameras

Alex Buckle - Business Development Manager, 3xLOGIC UK & EMEA Alex Buckle
Tech Tips 3xLOGIC

How can 3xLOGIC's VISIX All-in-One Series of cameras simplify your installation?

Our all-in-one offering removes the need for an on-premise server and simplifies the installation process. When using the VISIX V-Series Setup App (iOS/Android), installers can easily configure and set up cameras to get up and running quickly. Cameras can then be brought into VIGIL Client, View Lite II Mobile App (iOS/Android) to view live and recorded video. In addition, vital health information can be gathered in VIGIL Cetnral Management (VCM).

This also offers an interim step with these serverless cameras that put you into a ‘per camera’ world. This provides you with the flexibility to transition to our cloud solutions later if required.

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