VIGIL Central Management

VIGIL Central Management (VCM) a scalable network monitoring utility designed to meet the stringent requirements of both multi-site, enterprise-class networks as well as smaller business environments with simplified network architecture (and all networks in-between).

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VCM provides the tools to effectively manage multiple VIGIL Servers connected over IP networks. VCM can monitor and report on each VIGIL Servers health remotely and independently for information such as cameras online, recording status, disk usage and many other points of interest and alerts.

NEW VIGIL 12.5 Key Features

  • Available on Windows and now on Linux OS – Low-cost solution!
  • Full remote server settings via VIGIL Client
  • Relative PTZ Control – Zoom to a drawn region
  • ONVIF-M Support
  • Client video scrub on search/playback
  • Generic HTTP(S) outputs
  • Enhanced Network Camera User Experience
  • Dynamic Add footage button

Monitor Status

VIGIL Central Management (VCM) provides the ability to monitor the status of VIGIL Servers and V-Series cameras.


Designed with the integrator in mind, VCM allows you to proactively inform your end users of any potential health concerns with their VIGIL Servers or cameras. 

Immediate Action

With VCM, you will know when the status of a customer’s VIGIL Server or cameras change, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve any potential issues.

Large or Small Deployments

VCM can be deployed for a single, enterprise-level project or can manage thousands of single or multi-location end users on the same system.

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