VIGIL Server

VIGIL Server is the heart of the VIGIL Suite. With many advanced video features, recording video can be tailored to the individual project.

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    PTZ Camera Events for All Alarms

    As of v12, VIGIL Server now features PTZ Events that are compatible with all available alarm types.

    New User Permissions

    In VIGIL Server v12, two new User Permissions have been added:

    • Allow / Disable RapidStream on Live
    • Own Group Management

    User Permissions Interface - Search

    VIGIL Server v12 features a new search interface to aid in filtering down the full comprehensive list of available user and group permissions.

    Alarm Priority

    VIGIL Server 12 features a new Priority field for configured alarms, allowing users to prioritize alarms by instance.

    With VIGIL Server v12.0 comes new improvements:

    • PTZ Camera Events for All Alarms
    • New User Permissions
    • User Permissions Interface - Search
    • Alarm Priority

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