VIGIL Server

VIGIL continues to update its best-in-class VMS platform with new features and functionality. We are proud to announce the release of 3xLOGIC’s NEW VIGIL version 12.5 – a powerful security server software solution that all other 3xLOGIC VIGIL applications are built upon. VIGIL 12.5 has numerous enhancements and features, including improved user control, increased performance, and ONVIF-M Support. VIGIL 12.5 is now also available on Linux OS with select 3xLOGIC servers (NVR-1U-8CH).

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NEW VIGIL 12.5 Key Features

  • Available on Windows and now on Linux OS – Low-cost solution!
  • Full remote server settings via VIGIL Client
  • Relative PTZ Control – Zoom to a drawn region
  • ONVIF-M Support
  • Client video scrub on search/playback
  • Generic HTTP(S) outputs
  • Enhanced Network Camera User Experience
  • Dynamic Add footage button

    PTZ Camera Events for All Alarms

    As of v12, VIGIL Server now features PTZ Events that are compatible with all available alarm types.

    New User Permissions

    In VIGIL Server v12, two new User Permissions have been added:

    • Allow / Disable RapidStream on Live
    • Own Group Management

    User Permissions Interface - Search

    VIGIL Server v12 features a new search interface to aid in filtering down the full comprehensive list of available user and group permissions.

    Alarm Priority

    VIGIL Server 12 features a new Priority field for configured alarms, allowing users to prioritize alarms by instance.

    With VIGIL Server v12.5 Comes New Improvements

    NEW NVR-1U-8CH and VIGIL 12.5 Solution for Linux OS Users
    NVR-1U-8CH is our new Linux OS based embedded PoE solution which is powered by 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL 12.5 VMS. With this low-cost solution, you can deploy your projects faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Our Remote Management feature allows you to be in control from anywhere in the world, saving time and providing business efficiencies.

    We understand our customers’ needs for cost-efficient solutions and are confident that the introduction of the powerful VIGIL 12.5 VMS and NVR-1U-8CH for Linux OS will meet those expectations.

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