VIGIL Server

VIGIL 12.60.0100 is a feature-rich, and user-friendly server-based security and business software management and monitoring platform, tailored for businesses of all sizes. VIGIL 12.60.0100 empowers business owners to effortlessly safeguard their buildings, people and assets while monitoring and streamlining their business processes with unparalleled ease, on any device at any time.

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The VIGIL 12.60.0100 server-based solution has been designed with the future in mind, and business owners can easily move over to the cloud or a hybrid option without major cost implications, keeping the same cameras and infrastructure.

VIGIL 12.60.0100 has numerous enhancements and features, including improved user control, increased performance, and ONVIF-M support. Additionally, the VIGIL Server for Linux® now provides a browser-based client for seamless live and playback video streams from cameras connected to the local VIGIL Server, using VIGIL's HTTP API for a clean and simple layout. VIGIL 12.60.0100 is now available on all of 3xLOGIC’s NVR and HVR ranges.

VIGIL 12.60.0100 Key Features

  • Available on Windows and now on Linux® OS – a low-cost solution!
  • Full remote server settings possible via the VIGIL Client
  • Relative PTZ control – zoom to a drawn region
  • Improved ONVIF-M support and camera onboarding
  • Client video scrub feature on search/playback
  • Generic HTTP(S) outputs
  • Enhanced network camera user experience
  • Dynamic add footage button
  • Improved 360 de-warping for live video and playback
  • Browser-based client for viewing live and playback video streams (Linux® Only)
    • Live, playback, and search for local server cameras
    • Playback controls for play/stop, jump 30 seconds back/forward, and playback speed (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x)
    • Single camera export up to 10 minutes per clip (MP4)
    • Single camera snapshot
    • Up to 8x8 grid view (configurable 1x1, 2x2, 4x4)
    • Local server connection only, remote connection requires VIGIL Client
  • Watchdog support for edge-based deep learning cameras
  • Release 12.60.0100 includes additional bug fixes

Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Foundation, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis.

NEW NVR-1U-8CH and VIGIL 12.60.0100 Solution

Protecting your business is crucial. 3xLOGIC's NVR-1U-8CH SMBK, designed for small and medium businesses, meets the demands of cost-conscious customers seeking an efficient and user-friendly camera and recorder solution. This 8-channel, 1U Network Video Recorder (NVR) operates on both Windows and Linux® OS, powered by 3xLOGIC's VIGIL 12.6 VMS. The Windows NVR has local VIGIL CLIENT capabilities, and the Linux® NVR works with VIGIL CLIENT on local PC.

Equipped with an Intel Celeron processor and support for 64MP resolution, it delivers high-definition video quality. With 8 x IP licenses as standard, high performance camera bundle options, a large 256GB

SSD drive and the embedded PoE+ support for PTZ functionality, it caters to cost-conscious customers seeking efficient camera and recording solutions.

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