VIGIL TRENDS Store Traffic vs Transactions
VIGIL TRENDS POS Exceptions Reporting
VIGIL TRENDS Dwell Time Reporting


TRENDS provides a clean, simple visual snapshot of your business. Leveraging unique icons, graphs, and intuitive colorgrouped images, TRENDS empowers the user to interpret vast amounts of disparate data more effectively and efficiently than ever thought possible. TRENDS reports are completely customizable, presenting information in the format and method most effective for you.

Key Features
  • Instant Video Clips, Traffic Counts, Line Queue Reports
  • Location-by-Location Comparison, Conversion Rates, LP LPI's
  • 30-day Snapshot, Propped Doors, Event Reporting,
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The increase in viable data being made available through sensors, cameras, time/attendance systems, access control devices, ATMs, EAS, LPR, POS and other analytic tools has been harnessed to provide unprecedented visibility into any organization.  With TRENDS, 3xLOGIC has created a way to distill all of this disparate data into relevant, actionable information that can be efficiently and effectively acted upon--saving time and money while reducing loss.

Our first version of TRENDS was focused on creative ways to display the more traditional marketing data—people counting, conversion rates and customer service times. In this version, we have focused on POS Exception Reporting, user audit data, as well as processing data from other customer data feeds,” explained Charlie Erickson, 3xLOGIC SVP for Product Development.

“Combining TRENDS’ big data engine with POS enabled us to create Exception Reporting KPI reports, where top offenders from thousands of employees doing millions of transactions daily bubble up to the top. Coupled with a YouTube-like video playback, these offenders can be quickly identified and removed from operations. By optimizing LP investigators’ time and removing offenders from the system quickly, our users minimize their losses. Trends’ intuitive interface empowered one of our early adopters to catch his first offender within 5 minutes of using the system. End users will see rapid ROI with these many new features, the results are immediately visible.”

  • Weighted KPI Reports
  • Web-based Video Player
  • User Audit Report
  • Manual Video Requests
  • Standard POS Reports

For a live demonstration contact Inside Sales at 303.430.1969 or email sales@3xlogic.com.