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The ENGAGE™ Gateway is designed to be used with devices that feature ENGAGE™ technology, including Schlage® Control™ LE, and NDE locks. The ENGAGE Gateway enables these devices to be connected in real-time with access control software alliances such as 3xLOGIC's infinias Access Control Solutions. Each ENGAGE Gateway can support up to 10 wireless devices for a wide range of applications, including resident units, office and suite entries, conference rooms, sensitive storage areas and perimeter entries.

ENGAGE Gateway
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LE wireless locks simplify installation by combining the lock, credential reader, door position sensor and request-to-exit switch all in one unit. LE wireless locks require only minor modifications to existing mechanical mortise prep with no wires to run to the lock or additional hardware necessary. LE suites with the most popular Schlage L Series decorative levers, keyways, and finishes, providing attractive options to meet the requirements of nearly any facility. LE is ideal for office and suite entries, conference rooms, common area doors, resident units, and sensitive storage areas with a mortise door prep.

Built-in Bluetooth® enables LE wireless locks to connect directly to smart phones and tablets; no need for a proprietary handheld device for set-up and configuration. And with built-in Wi-Fi®, LE locks can connect directly to an existing Wi-Fi network enabling automated updates to lock configuration and user access. With the ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps, it’s easy to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from virtually anywhere.

For advanced capabilities including networked real-time communication with the ENGAGE™ Gateway, LE wireless locks can be managed with an integrated solution from one of our Software Alliance Members. For additional details, please refer to the LE Integrations found in the Alliances menu on our website at http://us.allegion.com.


ENGAGE technology was designed from the ground up with security in mind. ENGAGE technology leverages industry-leading security practices, including AES 256 bit and TLS encryption to provide customers with a secure, dependable experience.


Regular, frequent communication between the Gateway and linked ENGAGE™ enabled devices allows the Gateway to send commands such as lock, unlock and lock down from an ACP or IP host in real-time (commands are executed in < 5 seconds). All while enabling up to a 2-year battery life in linked wireless devices.


The ENGAGE Gateway provides the ability to leverage existing IP based or RS-485 infrastructure for maximum efficiency. Ethernet connectivity provides ability to connect to the network for real-time access control directly from an in- or out-of-network host; to further simplify installation the Gateway can be powered over ethernet (PoE). Additionally, the ENGAGE Gateway is designed to work seamlessly in an existing RS-485 environment to extend access control to more doors. It can be powered from the access control panel (ACP) or from the 12VDC supply (included).

Available Parts

# Name
S-ENGAGE-GATEWAY ENGAGE Gateway with RS-485, IP (PoE), and Wireless connectivity. For Use With infinias Wireless Lock Solution

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