NVR Case Management

3xLOGIC’s NVR Case Management provides cloud storage capability to VIGIL NVRs, allowing the storage of sensitive video in cases within the cloud. This standalone solution provides a centralized video archive from where you can pull video clips to share with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Overview
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3xLOGIC's NVR Case Management is an innovative solution that caters to the growing need for cloud storage capabilities in the surveillance industry. With the increasing amount of sensitive data being generated by surveillance cameras, it has become crucial to have a secure and reliable storage solution that can keep up with the pace of technological advancements.

This solution is a game-changer in the surveillance industry. With its cloud storage capabilities, centralized video archive, and scalability, it provides businesses with a secure and reliable storage solution for their sensitive video data.

Use Cases

  • Centralized Retrieval and cloud storage for sensitive video clips
  • Long term case and media storage


  • Public Venues
  • C-Stores and other Retail sites
  • Job-sites, construction, warehouses and factories

NVR Case Management Key Features:

  • Remote video retrieval and storage at times you define for your 3xLOGIC NVRs
  • Video management: set (optional) expiration dates
  • Update the Case: add additional clips at a later date
  • Watermarked video retrieval: extract and save video to send to 3rd parties
  • Standalone application – no additional hardware costs

Peace of Mind

Using georedundant cloud storage, the NVR Case Management ensures customer’s sensitive videos are safe and secure on the cloud, giving its users peace of mind. These videos that may be used in situations like crimes, accidents, emergencies, can be retrieved years after the event securely and easily.

Added Value for Dealer

The NVR Case Management enables dealers to provide their clients with an additional value add service, driving recurring monthly revenue.

Simplified Solution

End users no longer need to manage retrieval of multiple video clips from NVRs by going to the NVR directly to access them. They are able to use a single location to save and retrieve a clip, set data expiration dates and other video management functions.

Available Parts

# Name
NVR-CASE-MANAGEMENT Users can request specific video footage and Case Management will upload it to the cloud during non-business hours. Includes Case Management capabilities. No 3rd Party Video Support. Requires VCM. Price includes 10 GB per location.
NVR-CASE-MANAGEMENT-30GB STORAGE Additional 30 GB storage (all locations). Assessed every month. Customer must submit request through VAR via PO. Flat fee.