VIGIL Client

VIGIL Client provides remote and/or local live and playback viewing of all video and data collected by a VIGIL Server. With advanced search capabilities like motion-based Smart Search, time-lapse inspired thumbnail search, and Rapid Stream video compression, investigations can be done remotely and efficiently, allowing for more investigations to be completed during a shift.

VIGIL Client
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Expanded Client Connection Counts

The Client Connections window now features categorized into granular Live, Playback and Other counts.

Server Diagnostics Tree Node

All Server diagnostic tools, including the new Server Performance Monitor, are now easily accessible from a Server’s Diagnostics tree node.

Playback Cue to Frame

Export POS Search Result as CSV

    With VIGIL Client v12.0 comes new improvements:

    • Expanded Client Connection Counts
    • Server Diagnostics Tree Node
    • Playback Cue to Frame
    • Export POS Search Results as CSV

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