VIGIL 2U Series Hybrid NVR Solution

NVR-2U-64CH, HVR-2U-64CH-16, HVR-2U-64CH-16-HD

The VIGIL™ 2U Series NVR solutions are fully-integrated intelligent video appliances. Pre-configured with VIGIL VMS software, these high-performance servers represent a cost-effective flexible solution that allows users to addresses their current needs with the ability to scale to meet tomorrow’s demands. With 64 channels of IP video (48 IP, 16 HD/Analog in Hybrid models) the VIGIL 2U Series NVR solution is the next step in the 3xLOGIC evolution.

vigil 2u series hybrid nvr
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Grow with Your Customer

3xLOGIC’s exclusive Flex-Channel™ licenses provide unrivaled deployment flexibility. Flex-Channel™ licenses are able to be used as either analog, HD analog, or IP camera licenses without any hassle. As analog cameras fail or a customer chooses to upgrade to high resolution IP cameras, simply unplug the analog camera to free up the license and add in the new IP camera without changing any registration or adding cost to get a new license.

Your Video - Anytime, Anywhere

VIGIL’s exclusive AZTECH video compression codec and revolutionary RapidStream™ technology enable users to remotely stream live and playback video with minimal impact on network bandwidth resources. RapidStream can be used through the powerful VIGIL Client or through any of the 3xLOGIC mobile apps to give you your video anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise Functionality

All 3xLOGIC recording appliances come with full access with full to the VIGIL Software Suite. With VIGIL Server at the core and cloud-based VIGIL Connect Relay Server, video can be accessed easily from anywhere without advanced network configuration. VIGIL Client offers many advanced search features like motion-based Smart Search and time-lapsing thumbnail search, making investigations quicker and easier. Additional packages can be unlocked for advanced features like data integrations, video wall support, and centralized management and health monitoring.

Deployment Flexibility

3xLOGIC’s exclusive Flex-Channel™ configuration provides unrivaled deployment flexibility, supporting up to 64 channels of standard analog, HD analog and/or IP video in a single box. Flex-Channel™ allows you to switch out analog channels to IP at any time without additional licensing fees for the ultimate in flexibility. This flexibility allows you to add IP or megapixel cameras in key areas, yet still be able to purchase or keep low-cost analog cameras for less demanding locations.

Full Integration

Offering full integration with a wide variety of disparate operational systems including Point-of-Sale, ATM, access control, alarms, and audio devices the VIGIL™ Hybrid Servers provide both audio and video verification of the events generated at your sites. With this robust reporting and automated notification, events of interest are rapidly delivered to the appropriate personnel resulting in savings of time and money. The value received from increased operational efficiencies can also assist in improving business loss prevention initiatives.

Additional Features

These VIGIL™ Hybrid Servers feature many built-in capabilities. With two-way audio, easy-to-use Smart Search, and edge-based video analytic reporting (including People Counting, Tripwire, and Loitering Alarms) you have the information you need, at your fingertips, available anywhere and at any time. You can also increase your systems capabilities at any time by simply upgrading your licensing software.

  • 2U chassis – can be used in rack-mount or desktop
  • Supports 64 channels of standard analog, HD analog and/or IP video (48 IP, 16 HD/Analog in Hybrid models)
  • Front USB port for easy event export

Available Parts

# Name
NVR-2U-64CH 3xLOGIC 64CH VMS Appliance, 2U Compact Chassis, 16 GB RAM, 3 Removable Storage Bays, SSD OS Drive
HVR-2U-64CH-16 3xLOGIC 64CH Hybrid 48IP/16 Analog VMS Appliance, 2U Compact Chassis, 16 GB RAM, 3 Removable Storage Bays, SSD OS Drive
HVR-2U-64CH-16-HD 3xLOGIC 64CH Hybrid 48IP/16 Analog/HD Analog VMS Appliance, 2U Compact Chassis, 16 GB RAM, 3 Removable Storage Bays, SSD OS Drive

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