VISIX 5MP Indoor/Outdoor Dome with Remote Focus (2.7-13.5mm)


IR, Audio and Alarm I/O, and True WDR. IP67/IK10 rated

The VX-5M-OD-RIAW is 5 Megapixel, IP67 rated IP camera with a remote focus lens, allowing for flexibility on installation. In addition to being outdoor rated, this camera is also IK10 vandal resistant and has 120dB WDR and built-in 30m IR, making the VX-5M-OD-RIAW a versatile camera fitting most every outdoor installation requirement.

VISIX 5MP Indoor/Outdoor Dome with Remote Focus (2.7-13.5mm), IR, Audio and Alarm I/O, and True WDR. IP67/IK10 rated
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The VX-2M-OD-RIAW is 2 MP indoor /outdoor dome camera with built-in IR, a vari-focal lens, and WDR. Additionally, the camera is IK10 and IP67 rated; this combination makes it a highly versatile camera for any indoor or outdoor application. This camera has the ability to record a 2MP stream at 60FPS, but supports H.265 compression, resulting in less stress on your network.Additionally, the VX-2M-OD-RIAW supports 2 video streams. This allows you to record a high-resolution, high-framerate stream, while using the alternate stream in lower resolution for live viewing, further cutting down pressure on your network.

Fully integrated into the entire VIGIL Software Suite, including VIGIL Client and View Lite II mobile apps, you can use the in and out audio lines for bidirectional communication as well use of the alarm input and output. This allows users to remotely receive notifications of alarms, trigger a relay, and both talk and listen to their site from anywhere in the world.


The VX-5M-OD-RIAW also supports H.264, H.265 and dual streaming. These technologies, combined with VIGIL Server’s Substream Motion Detection and RapidStream technologies allows this camera to be view remotely in both live and playback modes with minimal impact on your network.


The VX-5M-OD-RIAW is compatible with the entire VIGIL Software Suite, including direct access through VIGIL Client and our mobile app View Lite II, as well as with VIGIL Central Management for remote health monitoring and notification.


Advanced Analytics licensing is available to build upon the already included base analytics. Available rules include Counting Line, Abandoned Object, Dwell, Removed Object, and Object Direction.

Available Parts

# Name
VX-5M-OD-RIAW VISIX 5MP Indoor/Outdoor Dome with Remote Focus (2.7-13.5mm), IR, Audio and Alarm I/O, and True WDR. IP67/IK10 rated with Advanced Analytics
VX-5M-OD-RIAW-A Add Advanced Analytics License
NOTE: -A advanced analytics license can be added to a Base Camera at any time to unlock advanced analytics functionality. Speak to a 3xLOGIC Sales Associate for more info.

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